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Java is one of the world's most popular programming languages, used for many applications including RuneScape.

In order to play RuneScape, you have to install Java. This is already included in the official client and does not need a separate installation, but you will have to install it for the botting clients.

Before installing Java 8, make sure you don't have any other version of Java already installed on your PC. You can download Java 8 here.

You will need to create an Oracle account in order to download it. Do not download any version of Java other than version 8.

After installing it, you should be able to open applications with Java.

Checking the Java installation

1. Open a Command prompt

2. Execute the command “java -version”

If the version of Java is 1.8.0_xxx then your Java installation is correct, otherwise, you will have to remove all other versions of Java and only after that install Java 8.

Botting Client

There are multiple botting clients available for the OSRS, we will work with OSBot because it has been by far the best since 2014. To get started, you'll need to sign up for an OSBot account here and then download the client from here. The OSBot client is a .jar file, so it requires Java to run (see previous section for instructions on how to install Java 8).

Running the OSBot Client

1. Move the file to desktop for your convenience

2. Right-click > Open with > Java(TM) Platform SE Binary (choose another application if it is not there)

3. Enter your OSBot username and password and press “launch” (or install webwalking if prompted), then click “Add bot” in the upper left corner

5. Enter the login information for the OSRS account you wish to use, save it, select it, and then press continue.

You can play manually using the OSBot client, or run a script as shown in the next section.


Scripts are what differentiate a botting client from the official OSRS client. They control the player's behavior and dictate what they should do, for example, fishing, killing Zulrah, making island tutorials, gold farming, etc.



The SDN (Script Delivery Network) is an online repository of scripts maintained by OSBot for its users. The network is managed by Token, which monitors and checks each script to ensure security and quality for its users. The SDN contains 3 types of scripts: free, VIP+ and premium. In addition to this, you can also find private scripts that are not in the SDN, and are not regulated by OSBot staff.

  • Free scripts are free to use. They are usually written by new writers, as part of their official script application. They usually only provide basic tools for botting.


  • VIP+ scripts are similar to free scripts. The only difference is that VIP+ scripts can only be used by VIP members and sponsors on OSBot. This restriction sometimes results in lower ban rates due to less usage.


  • Premium scripts are the ones you should use. There is a wide range of premium scripts available on OSBot ranging from simple scripts (e.g. cooking, pest control, combat) to high-end content (e.g. zulrah, vorkath, barrows, firecape) and complex activities (e.g. quests, slayer, diaries).


  • Private scripts are the most flexible option, with a quality similar to that of premium scripts (depending on the writer), but they have a much higher price. While premium scripts can be found for the most common activities for $5 to $30, private scripts are customizable, with many possible features, and are usually in the $25 to $1000 range.

What should I use?

That depends on your goals, strategy, and budget, but for 99% of the time, premium scripts are the best option. They are very good value for money and suit most needs, whether you are an occasional botter who trains a few accounts, or a hardcore greedy botter who aspires to earn more than $10,000 a month.

Adding a script

 SDN script


  • Locate the script you wish to add


  • For free scripts, simply click "Add" and the script will be displayed in the client (refresh the script selector to display)


  • For premium scripts, click “Buy”, you will be redirected to the store to complete the purchase. The script will automatically be added to your account after purchase (update the script selector to appear)

Private (local) script


  • Download the script jar file


  • Move the jar file to the OSBot scripts directory located at C:\Users\<USER>\OSBot\Scripts\
  • refresh the script selector


You can read our Guide on how to use Proxy for OSRS , where you can use proxy servers for botting in other accounts and protect your main account.