Guide: Appeal a RuneScape account ban - Runescape 07 Gold

Appeal a RuneScape account ban

Regardless of what you’re being accused of, there’s a LOT of room for mistake when dealing with a game as popular as Runescape.


Over the years, we have encountered several situations in which we managed to help players get their account appeals heard from Jagex.

We created this guide to support you with common RuneScape rule-breaking allegations such as account credentials sharing, account sales, gold farming, real-world trading, or any other irregularity listed.

Have your OSRS RS3 Account unblocked 

Jagex is unbanning multiple accounts, their review appeal system is fully automated, so in reality, nobody is reviewing the appeals submitted.

The appeal process relies on the following variables:

  1. The reason why your RuneScape account has been banned?
  2. Account suspended term -  the older the ban, the higher the success rate.

How to appeal a ban?

First, click "Can't Log in?” on the Runescape website.


Afterwards, select "I am having other problems logging in" option.

Now select the "Account Bans" article at the Account Settings section.

Scroll down, and click the "Appeal Ban" button.

Select "Macroing" as the reason why your account has been banned and admit that you broke the rules (even if you didn't).

Selecting macroing has shown the highest account recovery %, that's why we suggest selecting this option.


Click "Submit" and wait while you receive a response from Jagex. This usually takes up to 30 days.

You will receive a similar e-mail stating that your appeal has been successful.


If your appeal was successful, you can purchase Runescape OSRS Gold from Runescape07gold or swap Runescape gold between Rs3 and OSRS.