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Buying and selling Runescape 3 discontinued items such as Party Hat, Santa Hat, Disk of Return & Halloween masks and others.


RuneScape 3 discountinued items

If you are a staker, merchant or long time RuneScape investor looking to sell or buy a discontinued item or treasure trail item for real-life money, you've come to the right place.


We know that your hard effort to collect the most desired items in EOC must be rewarded. In RuneScape07gold we work with the most reputable merchers, stakers and streamers while offering the best prices in the market.


We've also perfectioned the subtle art of real-world trading, to avoid having your account compromised. Since the market for discontinued items is unique, please contact our live agents to negotiate a quote for your rare discounted items & high-value treasure trial item.

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Positive Gold Swapping Experience

Swapped 32 OSRS Millions. Thanks!


Pauline Runescape 3 & OSRS Gold Exchange June 16, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


Delivering time for rares?


Around 2-10 minutes while we transfer the rare to your account. 


Our delivery methods are trade or stake.


Which Runescape 3 EOC items are considered as discontinued?


Masks - Halloween Masks


Edibles - Easter Egg, Pumpkin, Disk of Returning, and Half Jug of Wine


Xmas - Christmas Scythe, Red Santa Hat, Wreath, Black Santa Hat

Party Hats and Christmas Cracker


Which items do we also consider rare "Treasure Trail Items"?


Dyes: Barrows Dye, Shadow Dye, Third-age Dye, Blood Dye, Ice Dye


What is the price you will offer?


Our prices are based on different Runescape Forums "Item Discussion" for discounted items and treasure trail item sections.