Pest Control Void Service Canada OSRS - Runescape 07 Gold

OldSchool RuneScape Pest Control (Void) Service


We are pleased to inform that we are offering the Pest Control (Void) minigame service. The services you can purchase are Full Void Mage Set, Full Void Ranger Set, Full Void Melee Set or 850 Pest Control points.

Pest Control Minigame Level Requirements


The minimum levels that you must have in your account in order to place your order are

  • 42+ Attack
  • 42+ Strength
  • 42+ Magic
  • 42+ Range
  • 31+ Prayer
  • Overall 40+ Combat Level

Other in-game requirements include


1.- Provide us with your account login credentials.
2.- Leave the Guardian of your account deactivated while our team works on it.

The service we provide is 100% manual without the use of any bot. Our team of 5 Pest Control experts will complete your order using the attack method you want to gain exp.


The delivery time for your order is 48 hours or less and we will contact you by email once your order has been successfully completed 🙂

Upon completion of the service, we always ask our customers to change their password and reactivate their Guardian.