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Best RuneScape Staking Duel Arena Guide – OSRS 2020


Excel your Runescape 07 staking tactics to become a profitable duel arena staker and earn millions of gps. 


Duel Arena stakers are one of the main Runescape07gold gold providers!


Happy staking and keep an eye on the staking commission Jagex takes from each duel!

Duel arena 2020 runescape staking guide!

Staking Strategies in Duel Arena OSRS - Odds Staking


One of the most commonly used strategies by gold farmers, since they will create an almost maxed account and will ask the opponent to stake more gold because they have a higher chance of winning. 


Lets analyze the odds of the following accounts: 


  • 95 attack, 96 strength, 95 defence, 99 Hitpoints 
  • 99 attack, 99 strength, 99 defence and 99 Hitpoints.


The first one will stake less than the second one because of their lower levels and the lower chances of winning…. 


Even though this might seem "fair", you should always know/understand a particular weapon max hits and the strength level needed to deal such damage - since both accounts can inflict the same damage.

Runescape duel arena screen

Double or nothing – Martingale strategy


The Martingale strategy is a novice gambling system used in the real world and in the duel arena.


The strategy consists of staking twice the amount of gold you staked in your last duel.


i.e. Let's say you start with a 5m stake and lost? 

Then Stake 10m and lost once again? 

Afterwards, stake 20M and so on until you win.


Once you win, you restart with the initial 5M stake. 


You must take into consideration your cash pile since nothing guarantees you will win your gold back in any of your attempts.

runescape martingate stake strategy

RuneScape duel weapons


Stop playing the game of luck by bringing better weapons than your opponents: Ghazi Rapier > Abyssal Tentacle > Abyssal Whip > Dragon Scimitar.


Always keep an eye on new weapon release updates by Jagex, since this might give you the edge on your next duel!

duel arena attack styles

Runescape osrs duel arena scams


Beware of this new scamming technique in which "low" level accounts want to challenge you for a ranging or magic duel. 


They will ask you to first trade them for supplies for the duel, which they will scam you giving you the wrong ammo for a bow or a wrong combination of runes so you won't be able to fight back during the duel.


i.e. A maple bow cant shoot rune arrows - however, a yew or magic bow do.


Beware of these kinds of messages "Range staking any combat $$M, trade for bow and arrow – Cheating07 


Another scamming technique is the user “unlogged stats”


A certain user might have been playing for a certain period of time without logging out, so Jagex highscores database have not been updated with the user's actual stats.


Always keep an eye on their actual combat level, potential max hits or weapons wielded.


Combat level Calculator




RuneScape max hit Calculator



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