Prayer Fire Cape Services Australia! - Runescape 07 Gold

OldSchool RuneScape Firecape Prayer Service


We are offering the Fire Cape Service for Pures and 40+ Defence accounts with 43+ Prayer level.

Our team of professionals has successfully completed more than 450+ capes.

We guarantee the completion of your order! If for any reason your cape has not been delivered within the established delivery time - the service will be completely free.

We will be contacting you via email when we are ready to start your OSRS Fire cape.

Please find below the requirements to start your order.


Necessary Inventory items


  • Ava accumulator or equivalent


Purchase/Order Requirements


  • Have the best gear possible equipped and leave your account out of the fight caves entrance
  • Change your password to something temporary while we complete your order
  • Provide access details to your account
  • Deactivate the Authenticator / Guardian of your account
  • We don't need access to your bank so we recommend that you leave the PIN activated
  • Once the service is finished we suggest you change your password and reactivate your Guardian  


Due to the high volume of orders being processed the estimated delivery time of Fire cape is 8 hours or less depending on our waiting list.

40+ Defence Fire cape services