Sell RuneScape Gold Safely Guide

      Always use a reliable website like RuneScape 07 Gold to sell your OSRS RuneScape gold fast & safely.

      What payment method do you recommend to receive my money?

      Although we work with practically any payment method that exists in the market.

      Without a doubt, we suggest the creation of a virtual wallet (Bitcoin) to buy, receive and exchange your RuneScape gold for real-life money.

      Please use the following Coinbase link so that you can create your wallet.

      What are the methods used to sell Gold at RuneScape?


      There are many methods to sell RuneScape gold, but we will share the 3 most used ones.

      • Through trade, it is undoubtedly the most used method to sell money safely! The player sends a trade request to the party that will receive the money and accepts the sale on both screens. Due to its convenience and efficiency is the method we use in RuneScape 07 Gold.
      • Through stake, some Gold buyers receive money through a stake in the duel arena. Although it is a reliable method, it undoubtedly hurts the seller as the total price of the sale is reduced by 3-5% depending on the terms of the buyers. We do NOT use this method because we are interested in ensuring the users satisfaction.
      • By bonds, the user can sell his bonds to potential buyers. However, this method is currently not being used because the price of the bond is fixed by Jagex.

      Customer Reviews

      Purchased an Infernal Account service

      I placed an order for infernal cape service, even thou the order took some time to be completed I'm enjoying my new cape!!!! Thank you guys :)


      The real Sparc Mac RS3 Sell Gold - OSRS Buy Gold April 28, 2022

      What are some of the RuneScape gold selling scams or lures?


      The most common way to get lured or scammed is in the Wilderness! Scammers usually ask the potential seller to come to some place in the wild where their gold runs the risk of being obtained by another player involved in the scam or lure.

      Other ways in which players run the risk of losing their gold is in Bounty Hunter worlds - so it is always advisable to make sure of the world in which the transaction will take place.

      What is the value of my RuneScape Gold?

      RuneScape Gold is always counted and valued in RS millions and the exchange rate used worldwide is USD.

      The price of the millions of RuneScape changes every day globally - to find out in detail how much the total of your millions is worth for sale use our calculators.

      Is there a risk that my account will be banned?


      When selling RuneScape money there is ALWAYS a risk that your account will be banned. Although we use the best mechanisms to avoid compromising the IP´s accounts exposed during the transaction we always recommend users to use a mule account for their transactions.

      In detail all our accounts have a certain level of Quest points, a minimum of different skill levels so they look like legitimate players - that way we reduce Jagex ban hammer to zero.

      To this day none of our suppliers have been banned - which is something we are proud of.

      Is there a maximum amount of gold I can sell?


      There is no limit to the amount of gold you can sell. We have made buy-selling transactions that go over 30 Billion rsgps and every day we sell aroung 15 Billion RuneScape gps.

      Today it is even easier to sell more than the gold limit in RuneScape thanks to the addition of platinum tokens.