Guide: Sell OSRS Old School RuneScape 07 gps 

      Always use a trusted website like RuneScape 07 Gold.

      Payment Methods In RuneScape

      We support all payment methods that exist in the market (PayPal, Skrill, LocalBitcoin, Etherum, Western Union and Bank Wire transfers Worldwide).

      We certainly recommend creating a virtual wallet (Bitcoin) to buy, sell and trade your RuneScape gold for real life money.

      Keep in mind that if you receive your gold in a different virtual wallet provider, you will lose 2-4% transaction fee.

      Where To Sell RuneScape 07 Gold?

      You can visit the following link, in it you will find a calculator with the price of gold to date.


      You will also find the instructions on how to sell your osrs rsgps safely.

      Methods To Sell RS3 & OSRS Gold Safely?

      There are many methods to sell OSRS gold - we explain the 3 most used ones:

      • Via trade, undoubtedly the most used method to sell money safely. The player sends a trade request to the agent within the game and then both accept the 2 screens of the transaction. Due to convenience and trust, this is the method we use in RuneScape 07 Gold.
      • Stake/ Duel arena Some gold buyers receive the money by a duel challenge in the duel arena - although it is a safe method, it harms potential gold sellers as the total value of their sale is reduced by 3-5% depending on the buyer's terms. We do NOT use this method as we are interested in ensuring the trust of our users.
      • RuneScape bonds The user can sell their bonds to potential buyers safely. This method is not currently being used and the price of the bond is fixed by Jagex.

      What Are Some Of The Scams/Lures That Exist By Gold Buyers?


      The most common way to get scammed or lured is at Wilderness! Scammers usually ask potential sellers to come to a place in the wild where they run the risk of being killed by other players, so there is no record of the transaction.


      Other ways that players run the risk of losing their gold is in the world of tip Bounty Hunter or PVP - so it is always advisable to make sure of the world in which the sale is made.


      What Is The Value Of My RuneScape Gold In Real Life?


      The price of RuneScape gold is always counted in millions (M's) within the game and the internationally used exchange rate is the US dollar (USD).


      The price of runescape millions changes globally every day - if you want to know in detail how much your millions are worth we invite you to use our RuneScape calculators

      Is There A Risk Of My Account Being Banned By Jagex?


      When selling RuneScape gold there is ALWAYS a risk that the exposed  accounts will be banned. Although in RuneScape 07 Gold we make use of the best mechanisms to avoid compromising the IP of the account with which the transaction is made, we always suggest our users use a mule account for their transactions.


      All the accounts we use to buy gold have a certain level of Quest points, a minimum of skill levels within the game to appear to be legitimate players - that's how we avoid Jagex's ban hammer


      Up to this day, none of our users have been banned - which makes us proud!


      Is There A Maximum Of Gold That I Can Sell In RuneScape?



      There is no limit to the sale of rs3 or osrs gold at RuneScape. Everyday we buy and sell around 30 Billion rs gps and sell 15 Billion rs gps daily.


      Today it is even easier to sell more than the gold limit in RuneScape thanks to the addition of platinum tokens.

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