Guide: How to use Proxy for OSRS - Runescape 07 Gold

How to use Proxy for your Runescape accounts

Hello! We have received a lot of messages from our customers about how to use proxy in one or RuneScape.

Step 1)

The first thing you need to do is purchasing a Proxy!

In this guide, we suggest the use of Proxy for Runescape OSRS  

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Step 2)

Click "Buy Proxy"

runescape proxy buy

Step 3)

In the IPv4 Proxy select your country.

Note, Price should be 1.25$

Step 4)

Apply your coupon, select SOCKS5, and click Continue.

Step 5)

Access My Proxies, and remain here.

Step 6)

After you have a couple of proxies or just your proxy you must install the following program
Proxifier - The Most Advanced Proxy Client

Step 7)

Open your Proxifier

Step 8)

Select Profile > Proxy servers

Step 9 & 10)

Select the Add... option, then enter your Proxy6 information or any other of your proxies, then click okay.

Afterwards select NO in both options.

Step 11)

Right-click your preferred RuneScape client > Proxifier > select the proxifier you'd like to use.

And you are done! this way you can play on a client with a proxy, and another one on your home/static IP.


You can play using several proxies.