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Best sites to sell OSRS 07 & RS3 Gold


Looking for the best website to sell your runescape gold? Below is a list of the best runescape gold buying websites. This curated list offers the most competitive rate for your old school runescape and runescape 3 gold sales.

RuneScape 07 Gold

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After processing over 5,000 succesful RuneScape trades the founders of Bogla decided to create a unique marketplace that allows active and nostalgic RS players to sell their gold for a living.

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How to sell Osrs 07 or EOC Gold


  1. Select the server type (OSRS - RS3 Gold) and input in the calculator the amount you are looking to sell.
  2. Open the chat icon and a customer support representative will assist you.
  3. The representative will give you a world and safe location to meet-up.
  4. Login to the game and trade the gold.
    (Note: Before you accept the trade in-game, it is advised that you first confirm the commercial agreement with the agent.)
  5. Once you’ve traded the gold, you’ll receive the money to your preferred payment option.

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OSRS and RuneScape 3 Gold Swapping

Just input the amount of gold you are interested in exchanging and confirm with the agent your gold offer for the alternative RuneScape server.

Other useful Selling or trading RuneScape Gold tips


Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The first thing to do if you’re a gold seller is to mask your IP. In other words, change your IP address every time you go through a trade, because Jagex can easily track your IP and figure out your main account.


Sell on a member’s world

Knowing that you have a good stack of gold on your account and you’re looking to make some extra bucks in real life by selling some off some, be very cautious about not getting banned. Jagex is not stupid and will follow your account, seeing that you’re selling a huge stack of gold on a F2P world. So, it’s better if you do a large amount of trades in a member’s world, as saving OSRS bond money and trading in a free world may come at a higher cost if you get caught. 

Try to sell your gold at one place

Some players with a huge amount of gold stack look for the best prices to sell, which is understandable. But this is where you start being noticed – For example, there are 3 buyers and each of them are offering different rates. Let’s say buyer E is offering 0.52 per million, while buyer F is offering 0.53/M and buyer G is offering 0.54/M. Now, the problem that arises is that buyer G (Highest rate) can only buy 700m, while buyer F can buy 500m and buyer E can take everything for a reasonable price. 

Spreading your trades across these 3 buyers just to make a few extra bucks can be very risky. It’s best that you stick with a buyer who is ready to buy all your gold at once. This is because switching around will just make you get noticed, which will eventually make you get caught and banned.


Try staking instead of trading

Large amounts of trades from a single account can be easily traced by Jagex, which is when they start keeping an eye on you. Players stake billions daily at the Duel Arena, so staking mere millions instead of trading the gold directly to the buyer will just make it look like you lost it in a duel instead. However, Duel Arena does take 1% tax from the pot, but it’s a small price to pay to keep yourself safe.

Don’t trade through new accounts

Always avoid trading gold through new accounts. If you want to trade through an alternate account, just to keep your main account hidden – you should create the account a long time, train your skills, get membership, have a few friends on your list and complete some quests / achievements before using it to trade. This is to make your alternate account seem like it's your main, which will help you stay under the radar.


You should know, when it comes to selling OSRS gold, the most important thing is your privacy. By not taking the necessary precautions, your privacy can easily be leaked or used to access your accounts. 


Your accounts are the most valuable thing in this case and even more valuable than a few billions of in-game gold. It is recommended that you always ask for payment methods like Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron etc) rather than sharing your real-life information during the process. It depends if the website is offering such a payment method when you're selling your gold.